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About Me

I am originally from Kansas and love the cold because of that area. I have been a child at heart ever since I was young  most likely because I can remember most of my childhood memories. I  remember the fun activities from my school, the associations that they instilled in me, as well as the movement and  music that  motivated me to keep learning. I remember being very hyper as a child in second grade and as a result can empathize with the students who are the same way and know how to motivate them to learn. I love singing songs, movement activities, and games to help students keep that memory of a lesson. I love incorporating any activity that will help the students hold onto that concept and keep it in their brains. I love using hands on activities as well such as shaving cream, pasta noodles, playdough, and even chalk to demonstrate our work on tables and outside.

I feel that leadership is one of the key concepts that we teach and that is vitally important in their moral character and gives the students tools they will use all of their life. As leaders in the classroom, my mission is to help the students understand that they have responsibility as a leader and that their job has meaning.  As leaders, my students realize the importance of modeling expectations in the classroom as well as in the real world. We study the values of the 7 Habits in the classroom and integrate them into our lessons so that our students see the relevance of having proactiveness in every aspect of their life to become the best individuals that God has made them to be,to reach their full potential.

I knew I wanted to start teaching in high school when I joined an education club and I made Dr. Seuss come to life with a Green Eggs and Ham activity. I saw the wonder in the students’ eyes as they did their egg activities and were able to talk to Dr. Seuss and I knew that I wanted to create this magic every day. Four years later, I graduated from Tarleton State University. From Tarleton, I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in Early Childhood through sixth grade with an additional ESL certification. I started off as a sub, then spent half of a year as a paraprofessional working with MIddle School, then was recruited to teach at the local Elementary School for First Grade. I have taught First Grade, Kindergarten, and Second Grade and have been teaching for 4 years. I love First grade so much I am teaching it again this year. I enjoy teaching younger grades because they still see the magic in this world and I am trying to light it up in them as well. My goal for my students is to show them their true potential as well as bring our activities to life to where they will remember them for years to come.